5 jun 2012


YOUTH  ON  STAGE      YOS      2013

This is the fourth (4th) edition of the international youth theatre festival YOS

Our aim is to connect youth in their mutual passion, theatre, and to meet with the local culture. In a short amount of time the participants get to play in front of an  international audience. We offer all sorts of multi-disciplinary workshops, meetings, a short city trip and a team of critics. Our goal is to create a short show together with the output of each workshop.
Accomodation will be provided by host families.

Event details
Youth theatre groups (amateurs), maximum 10 participants (+ 2 group leaders)
Only plays with a maximum duration of 60 minutes and with a strong visual character, suitable for an international audience, are invited.
Street performances, movement/dance performances are welcome.

Age:  14 – 18 years
Country: Belgium, Flemish region
Location: Wilsele, near Leuven
Dates: 9 – 12  May  2013

Deadline: 30  September  2012
Register by filling in the attached application form and include: a description of the group and the play, a DVD and some photos (or online link) and a technical file

Mas informacion y solicitud del formulario de inscripción:

Confederacion Española de Teatro Amateur (CETA)
Centro Nacional Aita España