17 dic 2014

FESTIVAL LES THEATROPES, Barjac en scène 1-2-3 Mai 2015

Pour troupes internationales susceptibles de venir participer à un weekend chaleureux de spectacles dans le sud de la France?

The Art tatouille association was born in 2002 while we were simple students. Each of the members of the association is now launched in the active life but the envy to make the festival live remained intact. More than a space of meetings, the festival became a real space of expression allowing us to share the creation, the meetings of amateur theater from here and there.


Over the years we were able to receive troops come from France, Tunisia, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Belgium, Croatia, Morocco. So many cultures which were able to meet, to confide or to rediscover. All and every enthusiasts about theater, us gave them the possibility of expressing himself and of going to meet a curious public and too fascinated by theater.


The tenth edition of Théâtropes will take place from Friday May 1st to Sunday May 3rd 2015 in the Castle of Barjac.


"I want to go on the stage a public utility in the same way as the school and the hospital ". (Patrice Chéreau).


It is as such that we wish that the public Barjacois can meet and discover the work of all these troops of amateurs. The amateurism in the sense of the love and the passion. We wish that the work of these comedians, film directors, technicians every volunteers and enthusiasts is emphasized in the service of a public who is thirsty of culture. Thirst of a diverse and varied culture which goes from Yaounde to Barjac by way of all the theater stages of our regions where we play to offer itself to the public.


Dramatically yours,

The whole Art tatouille team.


Progress of the festival

" Théâtropes, meetings of amateur theater from here and there " in May 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2015 in the castle of Barjac.


- On Friday, May 1st:

10:30 am: animations on the market of Barjac

8:30 pm: first performance.

9:30 pm: jar of opening of Théâtropes.


- On Saturday, May 2nd:

2:30 pm: the Second representation of Théâtropes, for the children of Barjac.

6:30 pm: the Third representation.

8:00 pm: buffet offered to the public, in the presence of the comedians.

9:00 pm: the Fourth representation.


Sunday, May 3rd:

12:30 am: meal in the presence of the public.

3:00 pm: the Fifth representation.



Article 1: call to application


We look for French and foreign troops, as well as theater company of street (French or foreign according to applications. It is planned to program a representation (among five parts,plays, to the children. We thus wait for applications of troops which can present us a show for small and big.


Article 2: meetings of amateur theater


The meetings of amateur theater address all the trainings (formations) of amateur theater which express themselves by means of the theater whatever is the nature of the representations: comedy, drama, lyric poet and practice voluntarily the theater in a permanent way and in non profit-making title.


Article 3: universal Language


As for the foreign troops, the public is not anxious to be multilingual, we thus ask the troops to take into account this specificity and to produce a show having an interest for all. The shows of French troops will be beforehand explained to the persons not understanding the language. Shows accessible to all are however welcome.


Article 4: registration


The registration to the festival is made at first on the forum of the web site: www.arttatouille.com. The troops will receive then confirmation of their registration and will have to send back a file completing their application by mail. The closing date of reception of files is December 15th.


Article 5: rooms(parts,plays) to be supplied


Certain count of documents will be asked during the sending of the file A plan of detailed light of the show

One or several photos / poster.

Press kit.

DVD of the show (recommended)

Any document allowing to make us an opinion on the show (if that this was not able to be seen by one of the members of the association) is welcome.


Article 6: selection of the troops


The troops will be selected according to various criteria:

The quality of the show

Number of persons in the troop

Equipment necessary for the representation.


Duration of the show


The office of the association will meet between 15 and on December 30th to establish the programming of the edition 2015. The selected troops will be contacted at the beginning of January. If the available funds of the troop do not correspond with the proposition made by the association, and if no arrangement is found, the troop in question must be deprogrammed to the advantage of another troop be candidate. Every programmed troop will receive a letter of commitment.


Article 7: defrayal


Because of the fragile financial balance of the festival, the Art tatouille association is not capable of supplying mileages.

A contribution to costs of travel will be envisaged depending of each case for the foreign troops.

We advise you to come by car to have a bigger freedom spot time.


Article 8: accommodation


The accommodation of the participating troops as well as their meal will be taken care by the association of Friday, May 1st (in the evening), until Sunday, May 3rd (at the noon)

All the troops will be accommodated in bungalow a few kilometers away from Barjac. The foreign Troops will have the possibility of remaining spot until Monday, April 30th morning.

The persons companions having no function( in the troop (concerning the presented show will not be taken care by the association and will have to participate in expenses. A fixed price show + accommodation will be proposed to them for the weekend


Article 9: material(equipment)


 4 PC 1000w 10 by 64 among which 6 on a bar(helm) for him(it) against 4 cuts 575 25 50 ° 1 block of power 12 x 2kw

A manual console 12/24 without memory(report)

A system of distribution(broadcasting) adapted to the room with console and 2 readers cd.

The multi-purpose hall of the castle of Barjac is completely equipped at the expense of the Art tatouille association to facilitate the technical changes between the various shows.

The space bounded by the structure makes approximately 7 m of opening by 6 of the depth, there is no real face, it is two feet arranged laterally that replaces it.

The height of ceiling is about 3.50.


Article 10: decorations


The organizers are not anxious to supply decorationand accessory (allowing exception). Every company will thus have to take its measures accordingly, while knowing that the time of dismantling of the decoration will not exceed one hour


Article 11: insurance


The material(equipment) given to the troops is taken care by the association. The troops which supply their own material(equipment), are responsible for it. The association makes a commitment to take an insurance for the troops, except the civil liability of every individual.


Article 12: modification of the programming


Because of money troubles (Budgetary restrictions on behalf of local authorities) and of logistic problems, the Art tatouille association can decide to bring modifications to the programming of "Théâtropes". These modifications will possibly be envisaged two months before the date of the festival according to the answers brought by the various concerned local authorities.