9 nov 2012


Artistic direction Dr. Jurij Alschitz
Dear friends and colleagues,
We like to inform you about all upcoming projects and opportunities to join the World Theatre Training Laboratory with its different forms of research under the artistic direction of Dr. Jurij Alschitz and his Team of Teachers.
The central project of AKT-ZENT as research centre of the International Theatre Institute is the publication of the 10 - volume World Theatre Training Library, which shall reflect training exercises world-wide.
One volume shall be on Theatre Ethics. The year 2013 will be dedicated to this subject with colloquia, seminars, laboratories on training, and an International Theatre Summer Academy.
As starting point, the artistic director Dr. Jurij Alschitz invites you to participate in the
International Directors’ and Trainers’ Colloquium
in Berlin, 3rd - 8th of January 2013.
Theatre Ethics from Stanislavsky till the present
“… The Artist's ethics are the preservation and nurture of our own artistic life, and demands constant perfection, no less than the preservation and nurture of the creative life with the partners and Theatre in general. I think the main problems of our theatrical life today are not of financial or technological origin, but are rooted in the ethics of our art, and our life in art. The time has come to ask ourselves about ethics in theatrical art.“
The EU-Mexican Master Programme for Theatre Teachers had a very successful start in Mexico City at CUT - Centro Universitario de Teatro of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) with 22 acting teachers from Brazil, Colombia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Poland, and Russia who worked together during the whole month of August 2012.
For the second semester from 1st to 28th of February 2013 , we can accept one or two talented artist-teachers to join. This will be the last possibility to get into this programme. Deadline for application is the 1st of December 2012.
The EU-Mexican Training Laboratory 2013 will take place from 29th of April to 26th of May 2013 at the international art research location schloss broellin in Germany.
There will be an open call for actors to participate in training units and seminars during this time. The detailed programme will be published soon.
The International Theatre Summer Academy will be held from 7th to 28th of July 2013 at La Corte Ospitale close to Modena in Italy.  Several courses for actors, directors and trainers will follow the subject Theatre Ethics on various levels searching for different ways of its realisation on-stage. Safe the date! The detailed programme will be published soon.