22 nov 2012

27 November – 2 December, Fellbach, Germany: 23th Bunte Buehne Fellbach International Theaterfestival   www.bunte-buehne.de

14 -21 December, Austria: International Physical Theatre Lab,  working language English    www.iugte.com/projects/physicaltheatre

4 – 7  January, Mumbai, India: 12th International Children's Festival for Performing Arts 2013,  organised by RYAN International Schools         www.ryanicfpa.com

18 – 24  March, Friedrichshafen, Germany:  29th  Theatertage am See 'SchauSPIELen'   www.theatertageamsee.de    theatertage@bodensee-schule.de

23 – 27  March, Retzhof (Steiermark), Austria: Drama-Peers-Social Media Drama in Education Congress of AITA/IATA 

3 – 7 July, Paderborn, Germany: Theatertage Europaeische Kulturen   www.bdat.info   bdat-haas@t-online.de

2 – 6  May, Ostrov, Czech Republic, SOUKANI:  9th International Amateur Festival for youngsters 15 – 20 years old; theme DECISION    irena.konyvkova@seznam.cz

5 – 12 May,  Herzliya, Israel:  International Festival for participants of 14 – 20 years, max. 12 persons per group including director & technician, duration of performance 45 – 60 minutes. Theme: Turning Point – creating a culture of involvement, responsibililty and giving. Includes tour in Israel and workshops      sapirkam@yahoo.com

9 – 12  May, Wilsele, Belgium (Flemish region): YOS   4th Youth On Stage International Theatre Festival, groups of max. 12 persons, duration performance max. 60 minutes, workshops, meetings, staying with host families, city trip. Performances with strong visual character are required   info@jonnatoneelschool.be

9 – 15 May, Denizli, Turkey: Amateur Theatre Festival with groups from Turkey and Europe.  Unconfirmed.

11 – 17  May, Oujda, Morocco: Festival COMEDRAMA     contact: Mohammed Benjeddi    benfntamaa@yahoo.fr

18 – 25  May, Fes, Morocco: Festival      contact: Mohammed Benjeddi      benfntamaa@yahoo.fr

19 – 26  May, Masan, South-Korea: 24th  Masan  International Theatre Festival     sylee51@hanmail.net

29 June – 3 July, Prague, Czech Republic: Festival of amateur and independent Theatres APOSTROF    mariefiser@gmail.com  or   akram.stanek@seznam.cz
June, Vratza, Bulgaria:  VREME   INTERNATIONAL YOUTH   THEATRE   FESTIVAL   more info later

5, 6 & 7 July, Westouter, Flanders, Belgium: 11th edition of SPOTS  OP  WEST, festival os performances in all sorts of locations www.spotsopwest.be

26 July – 4 August, Tournon sur Rhone – Tain l' Hermitage, France:  14th Shakespeare Festival, meetings of Youth Theatre from different backgrounds      clarisse.temporal@festivalshakespeare.fr

8 – 11 August, Spain: CLE 2013 - Orce (Granada) Millennial of Granada's Kingdom - international theatre plays about theme – contact conf.esp.teatro.amateur@gmail.com or centronacionalaita@gmail.com

8 – 11 August, Spain: II International Youth Theatre Encounter - Mairena de Alcor (Seville - Spain) - contact conf.esp.teatro.amateur@gmail.com or centronacionalaita@gmail.com

19 – 28 August, Monaco: 15th World Amateur Theatre Festival organised by AITA/IATA

21 – 24 August, Namur, Belgium (French speaking region):  9th TAPS  International Amateur Theatre Festival,   participation by 10 international groups with a performance of max. 60 minutes     Presence during duration of festival and attendance of  all activities is required     taps@province.namur.be

29 August – 2 September, Martin, Slovakia:  91th  Scenicka Zatva Festival    jkrasula@gallery.sk

11 – 16 September, Pokhvistnevo, Russia (Kazan region): International Amateur Theatre Festival  YOUR  TURN

24 – 27 October, Rokiskis, Lithuania: INTERRAMPA  International Amateur Theatre Festival    more info later

27 – 31 December, Haifa, Israel: Study Tour promoting multiculturalism through the arts    snorman@galilcol.ac.il

16 – 21 June, Venice, Florida, USA:  AACT Festival in Paradise, International Amateur Theatre Festival,
ca. 10 groups with performances in native languages, workshops, panel discussion   www.venicestage.com

La Plata, Argentina: World Congress & Festival  of AITA/IATA   proposal which has to be ratified in Monaco in 2013

November 23, 24 and 25: 16th  FALUSI  SZINJATSZO  TALALKOZO  Festival of Village Players in Adacs

December 8 and 9: MAGYAR  MUVEK  SZEMLEJE, Budapest, Bakelit Multi Art Centre – Review of Hungarian Plays
Info at: Janos Regos, President of the Federation of Hungarian Amateur Players and Theatres   jjregos@gmail.com

The annual National Festival of Amateur Theatre will be held in Rokiskis on 1 and 2 December 2012, showing the 8 best performances made in 2010 – 2011    danute.vaigauskaite@ku.lt

Confederación Española de Teatro Amateur CETA
Centro Nacional AITA España